Fast Footy – Feb 9 & 10

Fast Footy this Friday & Saturday at Norwood Oval.

What is Fast Footy? A fast paced version of Australian Rules Football with modified rules:

* 12 matches to be played across two days – four on Friday February 9 and eight on Saturday February 10
* Each match consists of four 10-minute quarters
* Penalty shoot-out finale from 30m in front of goal to decide winning team if scores tied at final siren
* 12 players per team on the field – four midfielders, four forwards and four defenders
* Unlimited interchanges. Interchanges occur at points in each sector of the ground (midfield, forward, back)
* 9 points awarded for any goal kicked from outside 50m arc
* Ball to be kicked in after any score, goal or behind
* Ball to remain in play if rebounds off a goal or point post
* Last TOUCH out of bounds rule enforced, as opposed to Last Possession used in minor round

Support our boys in this FAST, FIERCE & FUN competition.

Free Entry | Kid Friendly | Club Merchandise Available

Thank you to Major Sponsor Morris Finance Ltd for their support.


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