Building the Blues

Building the Blues – Continuing the Journey

Sturt Football Club is proud to announce the completion of Stage I and Stage II of the Unley Oval redevelopment project which has created a destination Club. These stages have delivered state-of-the-art training facilities, an exceptional match day experience, a versatile function room, and modern administration offices.

With these milestones achieved, we now set our sights on future projects aimed at enhancing our facilities and accommodating the needs of our growing Club.

Project Highlights:

  • Replacing Ice Baths: To further support player recovery and wellbeing, we plan to replace our existing ice baths with a better more efficient solution. This new installation will provide our players with optimal recovery resources.
  • Replacing Electronic Screen/Scoreboard: As part of our commitment to creating an engaging matchday experience, we aim to replace the electronic screen at Unley Oval with a larger screen. This upgrade will enhance the visual presentation of live game action and also important announcements.
  • Dugout Installation: Expanding the Unley Oval’s dugouts is vital to enhance match day experience for players and officials. Increased space ensures better comfort, improved game day planning, and communication.
  • Replace behind goals nets and posts: Modern equipment ensures optimal visibility, protects against stray balls and upholds venue standards.
  • LED Lights Upgrade: The City of Unley will replace the existing 100 Lux halogen lights at Unley Oval to energy-efficient LED technology. The Club has committed to paying for any increase of 100 Lux. Council has currently approved 150 Lux.
  • Second Oval Development: With the SANFL’s growing clubs initiative and the increasing demands on our facilities, we recognise the need to invest in a second oval, Urrbrae High School.  This oval will cater to the training needs of all our teams and accommodate some junior game fixtures. The project includes the installation of lighting, goal and goal post nets, improvements to playing surface as well as the eventual construction of new change rooms and a canteen.

With these exciting future projects, we aim to create a modern and inclusive environment that fosters the development of our players and provides an exceptional experience for our members and supporters. We invite you to join us in this journey as we continue to Build the Blues!

Your generous contributions will directly support these vital projects and help us realise our vision for the Sturt Football Club’s future. Together, we can make a significant difference and create a legacy for generations to come.

Building the Blues is the Clubs most significant fundraising project and has been developed in partnership the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF).

In this modern era, we need to do more than just compete with other Clubs. We need our facilities to be the best they can be so we can continue to grow and develop.

The Building the Blues project has been developed in partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF). It is the most significant project undertaken in the Club’s history.

By donating to the Building the Blues project you will be ensuring a strong and prosperous Sturt Football Club at all levels now and into the future.

Donations to the Building the Blues project over $2.00 are fully tax deductible. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to be part of Sturt’s DNA and secure the Club’s future for generations to come.

We need to do more than just compete with other clubs. We need our facilities to be the best they can be to give our players and the Club we all love the very best chance to grow and develop.

Donate $1,000 or more and be recognised with…

THE FIRST 18 - $25,000 or more

  • Your name on The FIRST 18 honour board
  • Name on two reserved seats*
  • Two tickets to 10 President’s Luncheons*
  • Personalised picket
  • Name on commemorative guernsey

THE EMBLEM - $10,000+

  • Your name on The EMBLEM honour board
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  • Two tickets to 4 President’s Luncheons*
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THE GUERNSEY - $5,000+

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  • Your name on The FOUNDATION honour board
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