Double Blues Go Green

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The Club through its Double Blues Go Green initiative aims to minimise landfill, reduce carbon emissions and improve our environment.

We continue to develop the Club in a sustainable capacity and will work closely with suppliers, vendors, partners and the community regarding the on and off field operations of the Club.

We aim to encourage our supporters to engage with and commit themselves to the Club’s environmental, sustainability goals.

  • Glass and drink containers are collected/sorted separately for recycling following match days by the Third Goodwood Scouts
  • Our canteen uses compostable cutlery and food containers and does not use plastic straws
  • Match day vendors must agree to aim to achieve the highest level of sustainable practices to help reduce the environmental impact
  • We recycle all possible materials, such as paper, cardboard, printer cartridges, batteries plastics, glass, metal etc

Sturt is the first football Club in Australia to be designated plastic free precinct.

Reduce single-use plastic

Outside of the Club we urge our supporters to:

  • Utilise reusable drinking bottles and coffee cups
  • Say no to the supply of plastic straws and disposable cutlery
  • Avoid excessive food packaging
  • Use tote bags instead of plastic bags

Ride a bike, walk or take public transport

We all have a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and as a sporting Club we are pro-bike. It’s cheaper, healthier and—most of all—environmentally friendly. You can lock your bike to the perimeter fence on match day. (just don’t leave them there because we take the fence down after games).

Public transport is another great way to travel to Unley Oval and cut down on emissions. With only a short walk to Unley Oval Adelaide Metro‘s bus network stops on Unley Road and Duthy Street.