Search Requests:

The Sturt Football Club museum is run and operated by volunteers. The Club receives numerous requests for information and photos which takes time and effort from these volunteers to locate.

A minimum $20 search fee applies to history searches. This fee will be donated to the maintenance of the Club museum.

Item Donations:

Our collection of Sturt Memorabilia is broad, and storage space is limited. In some cases, we hold duplicate copies of items. If you have an item you wish to donate, please send a photo of the item to [email protected] or our Facebook page so we can assess.

Books and Publications:

We are aware that, from time to time, individuals may choose to write books or publications related to the Club and its players. We want to take this opportunity to recognise and appreciate the independent efforts of these individuals in contributing to the broader narrative of Sturt Football Club.

It is important to note that any publications produced by individual members are independent endeavours and are not endorsed by Sturt Football Club.

Considering this, we wish to make it clear that Sturt Football Club will not be held liable for any legal matters that may arise in connection with these independent publications. This includes but is not limited to, issues related to copyright, false or misleading information, and/or libel. Any legal matters about these publications are the sole responsibility of the respective writers, and Sturt Football Club will not be involved in such disputes.