Where Are They Wednesday – Tony Pfieffer

Tony completed a degree in Electrical Engineering while playing for Sturt, working first for ETSA then Ergon Energy in Queensland. He has pursued a lifelong career in the energy market across Australia.

After retiring, Tony was an assistant coach for Sturt’s junior grades, and was a highly successful basketball coach for junior boys and girls teams at North Adelaide District Basketball Club and the Queensland Junior State Teams.

Currently, Tony lives in New Zealand with his wife Sue.

On his best memories at the Club 

“Playing under Jack Oatey and the camaraderie associated with club sport. The club supported my family hugely when my brother Simon passed away – I also have to give acknowledgment to the amazing support crew at Sturt, as without them none of us would have been able to do what we did. Special call out to Nick Swingler who started as a Sturt trainer back when I was playing.”

On his advice for younger players 

“Probably the best advice I was given in my career was from Jack Oatey. He used to line us all up at training on a wet winters night and look us in the eye and say, “If you’re not enjoying it – face the gate, go home”. So my advice would be to enjoy everything you do with a passion, life is too short for regrets.”

If I had my time again, I would 

“Probably focus more in the off season on improving my fitness and skills, hopefully that might have saved my knees!”

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