1926 Premiership

Team 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
STURT 3.2-20 4.5-29 7.7-49 9.10-64
North Adelaide 2.3-15 3.5-23 5.7-37 7.9-51

Best Players
V.Richardson, F.Golding, G.Scrutton, C.Scrutton
H.Riley, J.Smith, H.McGaffin, N.Barron
Goal Kickers
J.Smith 3, G.Scrutton 3
C.Whitehead 1, N.Barron 1, H.Riley 1
Best on Ground
40,136 (Adelaide Oval)

Premiership Team
Forward: G.Scrutton J.Smith C.Whitehead
Half-Forward: V.Cave K.Jackson H.Riley
Centre: C.Scrutton V.Richardson A.Rau
Half-Back: M.Hutton H.McGaffin H.Leaker
Back: J.Wadham F.Golding A.Weller
Ruck: R.Whitehead B.Martin N.Barron
Emergency: C.May

Match Report
Even though Sturt had finished the season as Minor Premiers, thoughts were that this Grand Final would be a close one as the Blues form going into the finals was not particularly impressive.

As was expected the first quarter was close with Sturt only holding a 5 point lead at quarter time and they were only able to extend this lead by 1 point going into half time.

In the third quarter Frank Golding became impassable at full back repelling many Rooster attacks and keeping Sturt in the game. Midway through the quarter after Gordon Scutton had snapped an impossible goal the Blues had stretched their lead out to 18 points, although North did get a goal back just before the end of the third quarter.

Sturt went into the last quarter with a 12 point lead, but with both teams kicking 2 goals in the final quarter it was the Blues ability to run the game out in contrast to the tiring Roosters giving Sturt a 13 point victory.

Better players included champions Victor Richardson, Captain-Coach Frank Golding, brothers Clarrie and Gordon Scrutton and the high flying Horrie Riley.