SANFLW | Round 5 Best Players


  1. Izzy Kuiper (Proudly sponsored by Just the Freshest. Awarded by Kyle Potts Massage)
  2. Georgia Bevan (Proudly sponsored by Optimal Air & Refrigeration. Awarded by Denim & Cloth)
  3. Monique Bessen (Proudly sponsored by Unley Social. Awarded by The Highway)


Development League:

  1. Claudia Edmonds (Proudly sponsored by City Motor Group Adelaide. Awarded by Denim & Cloth)
  2. Winnie Thornquest (Proudly sponsored by S&S Holdings Pty Ltd. Awarded by Capri Theatre)
  3. Jaimee Wittervan (Proudly sponsored by Fridge It Logistics Pty Ltd. Awarded by Bangcoq)