SANFLW | Round 2 Best Players

League Women:

  1. Georgia Bevan (Proudly sponsored by Optimal Air and Refrigeration. Awarded by Kyle Potts Massage, Bancoq)
  2. Monique Bessen (Proudly sponsored by Unley Social. Awarded by Denim + Cloth)
  3.  Alisha Gepp (Proudly sponsored by The Stirling Golf Club. Awarded by The Cremorne)


Development League:

  1. Larissa Schenscher (Proudly sponsored by Daishsat Geodetic Surveyors. Awarded by Denim + Cloth)
  2. Amy Brooks-Birve (Proudly sponsored by University Senior College Adelaide. Awarded by Wallis Cinemas)
  3. Gemma Grivell (Proudly sponsored by Adrien Brien Automotive. Awarded by The Cremorne)