Maya Rigter 50th SANFLW Game

A letter from Captain Maya Rigter (sponsored by Prespa Consultancy) on her 50th SANFLW Game:

“The Sturt Football Club is a fantastic football club. In its entirety, it is one of the best places on this planet. A second home. A family. What makes this football club so great, is the deep care and respect that its staff, players, members, and fans have for one another.

Becoming the first SANFLW player for Sturt to reach 50 games is an achievement I did not fathom when I pulled on my first Double Blues guernsey in 2018 as a nervous 17-year-old.

To represent the club in its first-ever game of SANFLW was a very special occasion and one that I will not forget. There have been games between that and now, and I can say I have thoroughly enjoyed each one, even when we have lost.

It is not winning or losing that draws people to play for this club. We have had some tough and adverse situations as a team within our short 5-year history, yet we have become family through these times. It is this united, honest, welcoming, one-club approach that makes us who we are. Football is just a game, yes, but it is more. It is fun, it is friendship, and it is family. Each week I have the privilege of running out with some of my best mates and that never gets old.

To be captain of this great club is something I will never take for granted. It is a privilege and an honour. We are one unit here, one well-oiled machine. We listen to each other, care for each other and most importantly, we are always here for each other.

To everyone that has played a part in my journey so far, thank you. The last two years have been a difficult time through injury; however, they have been some of the most rewarding times of my life.

When injured, there is a dedicated team of professionals that make time for you, listen to you. They don’t have to, but they do. The impact that these people have had on my life is profound and I am eternally grateful. The effort applied to helping me has been phenomenal, and it is emotional to think of how fortunate I have been to have had this level of care. To everyone that has helped me through this, thank you. I would not be playing today if it was not for those who have taken it upon themselves to help.

To the Sturt fans, there are big things coming! Thank you for your patience and your undying support for this whole club. We feel it each week as we run out. The passion, the fury, the love. Keep sticking with us, because we’re not done yet.

Lots of love and go the Blues!
Maya Rigter”