Coach Report – Round 2 Women’s

Sturt Football Club v South Adelaide Football Club – Round 2 Women’s
Hickinbotham Oval – February 11, 2018

1 3 9 7 9 51

N. Baker

N. Liston, J. Foley, S. Gundlach, C. Swanson, C. Bamford, R. Dunstan

C. Isaacson – Ankle

Coming into the game after a loss to West Adelaide FC, the team was enthusiastic and comfortable with the structural education that occurred in the lead up. We found that our inability to play to our structure and win the outside ball was the main downfall to our Round 1 performance. For us to be competitive against South Adelaide FC this needed to improve.

Three changes were made to the side from Round 1, with Casey Fraser and Lucy Griffith having knee injuries and Brooke-Lee Chaplin having an injury to her sternum. This saw Willow Homersham, Jessie Keech and Chloe Isaacson debut for the club.

Spectators would have been pleased to see a considerable improvement to our match play and ability to win the ball. The side looked structured and showed that they had the ability to move the ball from Defensive 50 into our Forward 50. Our midfield led by Caitlyn Swanson and Cherie Bamford need to be commended on their efforts. At half time the Double Blues were only 5 points down, with the coaching staff pleased with the improvement from the previous week.

After half time, our playing group reverted to a similar performance seen in Round 1. The players lost their structure and South were able to win the outside ball and enter their Forward 50 repeatedly. This put our defensive players under pressure with South entering their Forward 50 21 times for 5 goals. The scoreboard could have looked worse if it wasn’t for Shae Gundlach and Nikki Liston who were able to win the ball back and rebound from Defensive 50.

We hit the score board in the 4th quarter with a play on goal from Nicole Baker but by then the game had already been lost. The positive from the game was that we as a group improved across the board. Our aim for Round 3 against North Adelaide Football Club is to keep our standard of football from our first half for the entire game.

Danijel Herbut
Women’s Coach