Club Statement – Aidan Riley, Fraser Evans and John Greenslade

Aidan Riley (#43), Fraser Evans (#7) and John Greenslade (#1) have advised the Club of their retirement from SANFL competition.

We wish them the very best in their future endeavours and thank them for their dedication to Sturt Football Club.


Aidan Riley:

Player Number: 1151

Awards & Achievements: 2017 & 2016 League Premiership Player, 2018 & 2016 Senior State Team, 25 AFL Games

From Aidan:

“Thank you to all Sturt members, supporters, staff and volunteers who welcomed me and made me feel a part of this great club, it’s been the most enjoyable football of my career. I wish everyone at Sturt Football Club all the best for the future.”

From Nathan Grima:

“Aidan has a great understanding of the game and knows midfield craft as good as anyone. He will make a good coach one day. He is a good footy club person and plays in a way that every football supporter loves to see, hard and tough. His stoppage work is as good as anyone in the league and he plays with a physical presence that not many others do. ”


Fraser Evans:

Player Number: 1162

Awards & Achievements: 2018 Bob Quinn Medal, 2017 Jack Oatey Medal, 2017 & 2016 League Premiership Player, 2016 Bob Marshall Most Courageous Player Award, Senior State Team (2018,2016), The Advertiser SANFL Team of the Year (2017,2016), 2015 Ray Kutcher Best Team Man Award, 2011 Cec May Best Emerging Talent Award, 2009 State Under 18’s Team

From Fraser:

“Thank you to everyone at Sturt Football Club for providing me with memories and friendships I will have for a lifetime. It truly has been a privilege to represent Sturt and the play at Unley with so many wonderful people. It is sad to say goodbye as a player, but I will cherish the times shared forever.”

From Nathan Grima:

“Fraser is going out while still playing at an elite level, you just can’t replace a player of his quality. What impresses me most is his consistency week in and week out, I believe this is due to the fact he never misses training and is always training to improve, a trait that a lot of younger players can follow. He has played well in big games and that’s what all players aspire to do.”


John Greenslade:

Player Number: 1166

Awards & Achievements: 2016 League Premiership Player, 2014 Bob Marshall Most Courageous Player Award, 2013 Runner Up P.T. Morton Medal, 2009 State Under 18’s Team, 2008 Simon John Pfeiffer Memorial Trophy, 2008 Under 17’s Premiership Player

From John:

“Sturt has been home for me for the last 15 years and I would love to thank all the supporters for coming out to all our games – even in the darker days. Also thank you to all the medical staff and board members for all their work. More importantly, thanks to all the players where I have found life long friends.”

From Nathan Grima:

“Greeny is the ultimate team man, a really popular guy around the club. He is selfless in the way he plays and always follows instructions and does a lot of team first things that don’t appear on the stat sheet. He is a player that has had a big impact on the culture of where the club is today.”