Celebrating a Century

Celebrating a Century: The Harry J. McKay Stand Turns 100

As we prepare to take on Norwood on Monday 10 June in the King’s Birthday game at Unley Oval, we invite you to join us in remembering a significant milestone in our Club’s rich history. This match marks 100 years and a day since the official opening of The Harry J. McKay Stand, a cornerstone of the Sturt Football Club and a cherished piece of our heritage.

A Historic Opening

The Harry J. McKay Stand was officially opened on June 9, 1924, in a memorable match against Norwood, where the club celebrated a victory by a couple of goals. This historic stand served as the home and away change rooms for our senior men up until 2019. Over these many decades, it has been a witness to countless triumphs and memorable moments that have shaped the identity of our Club and community.

Evolution and Upgrades

In 2019, the senior men transitioned to The Jack Oatey Stand, marking the beginning of a new era for The Harry J. McKay Stand. Undergoing significant upgrades, the stand was transformed into a multi-use facility, now housing our women’s and juniors’ teams, umpires, and the opposition. This renovation has ensured that the stand continues to serve as a vital part of our Club, supporting the growth and development of all levels of Sturt football.

The Baggies: Guardians of Tradition

The upkeep and preservation of the Harry J. McKay Stand are lovingly managed by the City of Unley and a dedicated group of club volunteers known as the Baggies. Their tireless efforts ensure the stand remains in pristine condition, maintaining its historical charm and functionality. These volunteers regularly cover graffiti, oil the wooden floors, paint the interiors, and handle various small maintenance tasks, reflecting the true spirit of community and dedication that defines our Club.

Join Us in Celebration

We encourage all members to come out to Unley Oval on June 10 to not only support our team as we face Norwood but also to celebrate this momentous occasion. It’s an opportunity to honour our past, appreciate the efforts of those who maintain our facilities, and look forward to the future with pride and enthusiasm.