Board Appointment

Past Player Corey Gray has been appointed to the Sturt Football Club Board replacing Carol Hutchings who has stepped down due to other commitments.

Corey made his league debut as player #966 during the Foundation Cup in 1993. He is now CEO of LVX Global, a strategy, advisory, engineering, technology and project management firm operating around Australia, Asia, the USA and Europe.

President Jason Kilic said,

“We have outperformed the other SANFL Clubs with consecutive operating surplus’ the past seven years.

“We are extremely proud of what we have achieved during this time but realise that with Stage II almost a reality and the relocation of BarZaar we now must grow.

“Corey is a “blue sky” thinker and has been very successful in business.

“I have been talking to Corey for some time now about evolving our model from a micro to a more macro approach however stressing due diligence.

“The Board’s desire is to set the Club up for future sustainability and prosperity and not leave it in the state it was in a few years ago.”

Kilic also praised outgoing member Carol Hutchings.

“Carol has been an outstanding contributor to the Club.

“Her sound financial knowledge and experience has assisted the Board’s decision making process.”

Carol was also the Club’s representative to the SA Football Commission in her role as League Director.