Best Players: League Men & Reserves Rd 3

Congratulations to the best players from the weekend.
League Men:
1. Rory Illman (Sponsored by: Marshall & Brougham Constructions Pty Ltd . Award: James Rosenberg Award)
2. Guy Page (Sponsored by: Explorer Caravan Sales Adelaide Award: James Rosenberg Award)
3. Oliver Grivell (Sponsored by: McGees Property Adelaide . Award: Kyle Potts Massage & Grill’d)
Reserves Men:
1. Mihail Lockowiak (Sponsored by: Haigh’s Chocolates . Award: Sportys Bar + Arena)
2. Lachlan Burrows (Sponsored by Chambo Choir. Award: Capri Theatre )
3. Daniel Schoell (Sponsored by @LVX Global . Award: Delicia Acai King William Rd Grill’d)
Additional awards supplied by Sporty’s Bar and Arena and the Highway.