Best Players: League Men and Reserves RD 8

Congratulations to the Best Players from the weekend.
League Men
1. James Battersby (Sponsored by Loveday Financial Award thanks to James Rosenberg)
2. Tom Emmett (Sponsored by Big Screen Video Award: Roofclimb Adelaide Oval and Denim and Cloth)
3. Will Coomblas (Sponsored by Lorraine Smith Award: Kyle Potts Massage and Grilld Unley)
1.  Sam Breuer (Sponsored by DC Direct Award: Denim and Cloth)
2.  Josh Rentsch (Sponsored by Marsh Pty Ltd  Award:  Wallis Cinemas)
3.  Lachlan Burrows (Sponsored by Chambo Choir  Award:  Grilld Unley and Bangcoq)