2024 Wheelchair Best Players

Round 4 vs Eagles

  1. Belinda Rutherford (awarded by The Cremorne Hotel)
  2. Xavier Green (awarded by Capri Theatre)
  3. Emily Paix (awarded by Bricks & Stones)

Round 3 vs Central District

  1. Jake Bilsborow (awarded by Sportys)
  2. Mat Gregory (awarded by Capri Theatre)
  3. Johnny Phanratry (awarded by The Cremorne)

Round 2 vs Norwood


  1. Jake Bilsborow (awarded by The Cremorne)
  2. Belinda Rutherford (awarded by Capri Theatre)
  3. Mat Gregory (awarded by Bricks & Stones)

Round 1 vs Eagles

  1. Mat Gregory (awarded by Sporty’s)
  2. Emily Paix (awarded by Wallis Cinema)
  3. Xavier Green (awarded by Bricks & Stones)