2021 Indigenous Guernsey Design – Part 2

Pat Caruso, Eastern Arrarnte Graphic Artist, spoke about using the River Murray as inspiration for this element of the guernsey.

“Jeremy [Johncock] was pretty specific about the water source and the Murray being involved [in the design]. When you look at water, it’s not just one colour tone, it’s impacted by the colours and the environment around it.

“Water and river sources for First Nations people is always a source of food and nourishment and fulfilment for families…so these speaks to the information flowing up and down the River Murray and our zone.

“The channels of water come into the heart centre, people travelling towards what we all love. All the dots represent water and because they’re different sizes, they represent all the people in our catchment area and all the fans who come to our games.”

Stay tuned to see the next element of the Indigenous Guernsey.