Injury Update: Tom Lewis

Tom reported feeling unwell to Head Trainer, Nick Swingler, early Monday morning following the League match vs CDFC at Wigan Oval on Sunday. Recognising his symptoms, injury history and the potential for significant internal organ damage, Nick contacted SFC sports doctor Dr Damian Newberry and emergency CT imaging was conducted at Sportsmed on Monday.

CT scans confirmed the assessment of spleen rupture and Tom was admitted to the Royal Adelaide Hospital for treatment. He has undergone an interventional procedure to control bleeding and is receiving the best of care at the RAH.

The club wishes to record its thanks to Dr Newberry at Sportsmed for assisting Nick to obtain prompt imaging and medical assessment for Tom. Further information regarding Tom’s condition will be made available when it is ascertained from his treating specialists at the RAH.

Nick Swingler
Head Trainer/Medical Coordinator