1940 Premiership

Team 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
STURT 4.5-29 5.6-36 11.10-76 14.16-100
South Adelaide 0.0-0 4.6-30 6.9-45 11.13-79

Best Players
N.Headon, G.Langley, B.Bentley, P.T.Morton
M.Lowe, R.Lathlean, B.Leak, T.Biggs
Goal Kickers
P.T.Morton 6, T.Biggs 4, H.Zucker 2
R.Harris 1, M.Lowe 1
Best on Ground
28,050 (Adelaide Oval)

Premiership Team
Forward: H.Zucker P.T.Morton R.Lathlean
Half-Forward: M.Lowe R.Harris F.Gibson
Centre: F.Hardy B.Leak B.Clark
Half-Back: D.Crawley H.Tuohy N.Headon
Back: A.Lance I.Warren B.Bentley
Ruck: H.Bagshaw T.Biggs G.Langley
19th Man: D.Miller

Match Report
With the aid of a strong breeze the Blues got off to a great start to lead by a comfortable 29 points at quarter time, but South Adelaide fought back in the second quarter to reduce the lead to only 6 points by half time. P.T. ‘Bo’ Morton then exploded in the third quarter, kicking 3 goals and dominating at full forward and when he kicked his fifth goal for the game he became the first Sturt player to kick 100 goals in a season. By three quarter time the Blues were in front by 31 points and it looked very much like a Sturt Premiership, however South Adelaide were coming home with a strong breeze, so fingers were crossed. The Blues completely out played the Panthers for the first 15 minutes to set up a 51 point lead, but South came back, kicking 5 late goals in a flurry to give the tiring Blues a scare, but when the final siren sounded it was Sturt victorious by 21 points. Norm Headon was best on ground for the Blues and what a way to end a career for Captain-Coach P.T. ‘Bo’ Morton, the champion full forward retiring after 138 games and 561 goals for the Double Blues. 1940 was, however, also the last time Sturt would win a Premiership for a very long 26 years.

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