1915 Premiership

Team 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
STURT 2.1-13 3.5-23 6.7-43 6.10-46
Port Adelaide 3.1-19 3.4-22 4.5-29 4.10-34

Best Players
B.Mayman, B.Noal, H.Rayner, I.Nicolle, C.Ryan, D.McDougall
V.Richardson, J.Kappler, F.Golding, T.Richardson, C.Curnow
Goal Kickers
B.Noal 5, H.Hicks 1
Best on Ground
13,043 (Adelaide Oval)

Premiership Team
Forward: T.Richardson L.Smith J.Kappler
Half-Forward: H.Rayner F.Golding A.Limb
Centre: E.McNamara B.Mayman H.Bruce
Half-Back: P.Edwards V.Richardson C.Sharp
Back: C.Ryan D.McDougall H.Hicks
Ruck: C.Curnow I.Nicolle B.Noal

Match Report
The Blues were to face Port Adelaide in the 1915 Grand Final, the second Grand Final for the club and a chance to forget the heartbreak of 1910, which was the club’s first Grand Final and the loss to the Magpies by only 4 points, after Frank Golding’s place kick had hit the post with only 50 seconds remaining in the game. Port Adelaide were favourites to win and were playing in their third consecutive Grand Final, they wanted the Premiership hat-trick, could the Double Blues overcome the Magpie’s and finally claim their first Premiership? Sturt got off to a great start, scoring an early goal and the game ebbed and flowed, with the Magpies in front by only one goal at quarter time. The Blues held Port goal less in the second quarter and scored 1.4 to Port’s 3 points to take into half-time a 1 point lead. The young Sturt side took control of the game in the third quarter, scoring 3.2 and keeping the Magpies to only 1.1, the Blues had a 14 point lead at three quarter time, could this be the year of the Double Blue? Captain-Coach Billy Mayman wouldn’t let this one slip away and was inspirational to his team in the last quarter, throughout the term both teams had their chances to score, but no goals were kicked, the Double Blues had done it, winning the Club’s first ever Premiership by 12 points! Billy Mayman was best on ground ánd Bill Noal kicked an amazing 5.5 out of Sturt’s 6.10 for the game.

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