Injury Updates

Injury Update - PreSeason

Player Injury Update
 John Greenslade Knee ACL FULL TRAINING. Expected to be available for ‘Fast Footy’
 Ben Hansen Low back disc injury Gradually increasing training load. Progressed well over last 2 weeks
 Jake Sutcliffe Knee arthroscopic “Clean-out” Slow progress. Specific rehabilitaiton program
 Daniel Fahey-Sparks Ankle surgery Minor sprain of his ‘other’ ankle last week. Gradually returning to full training.
 Aidan Riley Ankle surgery – Dec 5th Anticipated return to FULL TRAINING in 2 weeks. Progressing well.
Mark Evans Hamstring tendinopathy Specific rehab program. Restricted program at present. Slow progress.
Blake Kennedy Fractured scaphoid (fall from bike) Close to FULL TRAINING (1/2 weeks)

All players are undertaking specific rehabilitation programs. All are expected to be available for trial match participation.