44 James Richards

Born (age)27/01/2000
Current TeamSturt

Nickname: Pump
Junior club: Uraidla Districts Demons
Previous club:
Awards & achievements:
Favourite position: Forward Pocket
SANFL games played:
Debut for Sturt:
Player number:
Other favourite sports: Golf, Fishing
AFL team you support: St Kilda Saints
Favourite AFL player: Matt Rowell
Favourite holiday location: Middleton
You could not live without: Friends & family
Celebrity you would like to meet: Nina Morrison
Favourite movie: Finding Nemo
The music/song I listen to on game day: Purple Hat
Facebook or Instagram: Instagram
Coffee order: French vanilla latte
First thing you would buy if you won the lottery: Luke Edmonds a house
Movie about your life, who plays you: Chris Hemsworth
Go to karaoke song: Party In The USA
Superhero you would like to be:
Player most likely to be Prime Minister: Sam Wundke
Best team mate to be stranded on a desert island with: Myself
Worst team mate to be stranded on a desert island with: Lachlan Burrows

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