1919 Premiership

Team 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
STURT 0.2-2 0.3-3 0.4-4 3.5-23
North Adelaide 0.3-3 1.4-10 2.6-18 2.6-18

Best Players
R.Whitehead, V.Richardson, C.Sharp, J.Kappler, H.Bruce
I.Nicolle, B.Mayman, S.Scrutton, C.Ryan, E.Colquhoun, O.Beatty
Goal Kickers
I.Nicolle 2, S.Sellick 1 
Best on Ground
35,157 (Adelaide Oval)

Premiership Team
Forward: I.Nicolle F.Golding L.Smith
Half-Forward: R.Beatty S.Scrutton F.Nicolle
Centre: H.Bruce B.Mayman S.Sellick
Half-Back: C.Sharp V.Richardson E.Colquhoun
Back: C.Ryan J.Venus J.Kappler
Ruck: R.Whitehead O.Beatty F.Odgers

Match Report
Sturt had claimed the Minor Premiership and played North Adelaide in the first Grand Final. This Grand Final had resulted in a draw, although Sturt did have an opportunity to win it, at the 27 minute mark of the final quarter with scores tied, Sturt’s Owen Beatty marked 35 yards from goal and only had to score for the Blues to claim the 1919 flag. He was in the position that most schoolboys dream of “kicking the winning goal in the Grand Final”, but it wasn’t to be for Owen, as his kick came off the side of his boot and did not score. Legend Victor Richardson was the stand out player for the Double Blues in this game, playing in the backline for the first three quarters and then being shifted forward in the last when the game needed to be won. Which team would be able to convert their chances in the Grand Final replay in front of 35,000 anxious fans and claim the 1919 Premiership? A strong breeze blew across the ground and from the outset both teams were evenly matched and no goals were scored in the first quarter, with the Roosters leading by only a point at quarter time. In the second quarter North took their opportunity and scored a goal, Sturt could only manage one point, going into the half-time break it was North by 7 points. Matters took a turn for the worse for the Blues in the third quarter with the team only managing another solitary point for the term, where as North scored 1.2. At three quarter time, with North leading by 14 points and Sturt only being able to score in total for the match so far, 4 points, it definately looked like the Premiership was gone and thoughts started to turn to the opportunities wasted in the first Grand Final. The Blues needed an early goal and finally were able to score their first goal for the game, thanks to Sam Sellick and hope began to return to the Blues faithful, then at the 14 minute mark, Ivor Nicolle kicked the Blues second goal and now the Roosters only led by 2 points. With only 2 minutes left in the game Owen Beatty marked again, only 30 yards from goal, even though he wasn’t able to kick a goal, he did score a point and this then reduced the lead to only 1 point. Most Sturt supporters would not know the name of the ANZAC Ivor Nicolle, but with only six seconds remaining in the match, he desperately marked within kicking range and took the most important kick of his life, a goal would mean Sturt had won, a point and another draw, when the bell rang……………….victory and the 1919 Premiership was Sturt’s, he had kicked the winning goal! The Roosters were held scoreless in the last quarter, while the Blues kicked 3.1 to comeback and snatch an unlikely victory from the jaws of defeat, ruckman Reg Whitehead was best on ground, but Ivor was the hero of the day, later in an interview about that shot, he commented that he wasn’t at all worried and knew that he would kick the winning goal!

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